Kim is the picture of
professionalism, dependability
and tenderness.  One of my
neighbors told us that she is
like the dog whisperer, with a
special talent for dogs.  We
really appreciate the "report
card" she writes every day to
let us know how the "kids" did
each day.  Since the beginning
we knew she was the right
person when our dogs came to
her as if they have met her
before.  We have only good
things to say about Kim and It's
A Dog's Life Pet Services.  
Thank you for providing such a
great service.   Camila L.
Kim is reliable, helpful and the dogs
love her.  Koyuk, our Malamute, does a
happy dance when Kim arrives and
Alki, our German Shepherd, zooms
around in happy circles.  It's great for
us because we work some long days
and it's nice to know that on the days
that Kim comes, we don't have to walk
our dogs in the dark and the rain.  Kim
also fills in when we're out of town and
cares for the pups and feeds our
kitties.  We never worry when we're
gone, because she's so attentive and
really cares about our furry friends.    
Anne Marie K.
Lucas, Mia & Tasha
Sally, Myra & Jack
Kim, the owner of It's A Dogs Life Pet
Services, is an important part of my
extended family.  I entrust her to
provide exceptional care to
Chinook, my Alaskan Malamute
mixed breed.  Chinook is nearly 17
years old now and sometimes has
special needs.  I rely on Kim to
manage Chinook's special diet and
medication requirements, and I trust
her to make any necessary
decisions in my absence that would
be in Chinook's best interest.  Kim
has always been very respectful of
my home when I am gone and I trust
her completely.  She understands
how much Chinook means to me
and treats my best friend with the
utmost loving care.  It is always
difficult to leave Chinook behind
when I travel, but I take great
comfort in knowing that I am leaving
her in good hands.
Barbara G.
I fly helicoptors, fighting fires for a
living and the last thing I need to
worry about when I'm at work is if
my dachshund, Lionel, is being well
cared for.  Thanks to Kim, that's no
longer a worry.  Even when I have to
leave town on short notice, I know
that Kim will take care of him and
give him the love he needs every
day.  Since I am often unavailable
and far away from Washington, I rely
on her professionalism and
judgment to make the choices for
Lionel that I would.  Kim has never
let me - or Lionel - down!    David W.
Kim had been the sitter for my senior dog,
Daisy, so when I needed to go out of town, I
didn't hesitate to call her again.  
Unfortunately, Daisy's age caught up with
her while I was gone.  Kim called me as
soon as she noticed Daisy was failing and
kept in touch.  She and her husband, Tom,  
went above and beyond until I was able to
get home.  I have no doubt that is was her
love and attention that kept Daisy alive until
I was able to get back to her and say
good-bye.  I cannot image having gone
through that weekend with anyone but Kim
caring for Daisy.    Meredith M.