About Us

We are a family business out of Arlington, WA.  I opened It's A
Dog's Life Pet Services in 2004.  I began the business because of
my true love of animals, and my desire to work with them on a
professional level.  

I've had over 45 years experience  with and have owned 2
horses, a number of dogs (big and small), cats, birds (parakeets
and a cockatiel), mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits
and tropical fish.  

Since we opened, I've had the opportunity to care for farms and
all types of farm animal, including llamas, sheep, goats, cows,
chickens, and horses.  I have also cared for litters of newborn
puppies, as well as lizards and ferrets.

Currently my family  and I own three dogs and two cats.
About Us
Cinnamon, our rescued Torti
Loki, playing with friends at the beach!
Rilee, our rescued  RatTerrier/Jack Russell Terrier
Loki, our sweet and much adored boy     
Ava, our newest (and also very much
loved!) family addition
Jinx, our rescued Balinese